There are discoveries to be made both within you and in the lands you explore.
This is not a common tourist destination, nor the typical Japan you may know.
Tohoku is truly off the beaten track.
Experience whispers buried in the ancient past, sustainable spirituality, and a rugged wilderness that will challenge your frontier spirit.
Take a moment out of your busy life to heal your soul.
Reconnect with nature to awaken your intuition.
Open yourself up and discover the indomitable spirit waiting within.
Witness the dawn percolating into the azure blue.
Dance on the boundary of yin and yang at the edge of the Far East.
Free yourself from your egoic identity and feel your consciousness expand into nature.
Gaze into the landscape until it transforms the scenery of your subconscious.
After a walk in Tohoku, the world before you will take on an added gleam, a luster that will remain.
Initiate your journey to anima from Iwate, the last frontier.

Shining in the Dark tour video

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Iwate, the Last Frontier