Adventure Travel is a great way to experience Japan on a deeper level than ordinary travel, providing an opportunity to go beyond the usual tourist sights and discover the local culture and nature through memorable, exciting activities.
Whether you're looking for extreme thrills or just some outdoor fun, there's something for adventurers of every skill level to be found, and each season offers new and exciting activities.
In adventure travel, the emphasis is on active fun through activities and experiences of different cultures rather than passive learning. The ATTA’s definition of adventurous travel encompasses novel and unique experiences, self-transformation, physical or mental challenges, wellness and a low environmental impact.

Adventure Travel

Back Country and CAT Ski Tours

Enjoy the powder snow of Tohoku's slopes with a guided back country tour or CAT tour. You can enjoy these activities at either Hachimantai Area or Shizukuishi Area, both located close to Morioka City.

Summer farm-to-table lunch and Hachimantai Cycling tour
夏の八幡平 地産地消ランチサイクリングツアー

Through cycling in the Hachimantai area, you can learn about the blessings of nature, the sophisticated agricultural techniques here and enjoy the local food.  In this 1-day plan you can enjoy the story of Hachimantai's rich nature and food while cycling around the area.