Adventure Travel is a great way to experience Japan on a deeper level than ordinary travel, providing an opportunity to go beyond the usual tourist sights and discover the local culture and nature through memorable, exciting activities.
Whether you're looking for extreme thrills or just some outdoor fun, there's something for adventurers of every skill level to be found, and each season offers new and exciting activities.
In adventure travel, the emphasis is on active fun through activities and experiences of different cultures rather than passive learning. The ATTA’s definition of adventurous travel encompasses novel and unique experiences, self-transformation, physical or mental challenges, wellness and a low environmental impact.

Adventure Travel

Mt Iwate Panorama Cycling - 3 day cycling tour

Mt Iwate, a famous regional mountain beloved by residents of the Morioka area, as a common icon, this cycling tour was set up in collaboration with four municipalities, Morioka, Shizukuishi, Takizawa, and Hachimantai, to enjoy the region's natural and culinary attractions. In addition to experiencing the daily life activities of the residents as seen through bicycles, participants will visit spectacular view spots in each municipality and savor the beauty and comfort of the area. Visitors can also fully enjoy the bounty of Mt. Iwate's clear water winds through food, such as wanko noodles, reimen noodles, harvesting seasonal vegetables, and special Italian cuisine.
Watch the tour video here 紹介映像はここから

Morioka City Historical Exploration Cycling Tour

Explore Morioka City and learn about the fascinating history that this city has, as you ride around with a local guide.
In Morioka City, you will visit historical sites as well as scenic spots from which you can view Mt. Iwate. KaiunBashi Bridge, where the Kitakami River flows near Morioka Station, is one of these such scenic spots.

You will see the handprints of demons at Mitsuishi Shrine, which is the origin of the name of Iwate. For lunch, we will enjoy specialties such as wanko noodles and reimen noodles.
Watch the tour video here 紹介映像はここから


Shizukuishi Takizawa Harvest Cycling Tour

This tour is based around the base of Mt Iwate in the Shizukuishi Town and Takizawa City areas. Here you will enjoy views of Mt. Iwate from along idyllic country roads.

One of the highlights of the tour is a visit to the Iwate-san Shrine at the foot of Mt.Iwate. On the way, we will visit a local farmer (Miyabayashi Vegetable Garden) and harvest seasonal vegetables. Lunch will be served at a restaurant with a view of Mt.Iwate.

Watch the tour video here 紹介映像はこちらから

Hachimantai Mountain Bike Adventure

In Hachimantai City, this course offers a wild off-road experience on mountain bikes. At the famous Yake-hashiri lava flow, you can feel up close the formation of the earth and the blessings of geothermal heat from the eruption of Mt.Iwate. The program will include moderate challenge elements to suit the level of participants, such as forest gravel roads and downhill runs on the slopes of the ski resort.
Watch the tour video here 紹介映像はこちらから

Back Country and CAT Ski Tours

Enjoy the powder snow of Tohoku's slopes with a guided back country tour or CAT tour. You can enjoy these activities at either Hachimantai Area or Shizukuishi Area, both located close to Morioka City.