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Hachimantai Nature Trail &Lunch at Northern Grande

Enjoy the magnificent nature of Hachimantai, including alpine flower fields, fir tree forests and the lakes and ponds created by volcanic activities.

Northern Grande Hachimantai offers Italian style meals served using locally sourced ingredients.

Geothermal Experience tour

Called geothermal steam dyeing, this is the only place in the world where you can see this process.

Matsukawaso is a traditional Japanese ryokan of which the geothermal waters from this sulfur spring are milky white and said to contain healing properties.

Meditation and Mindfulness in Hachimantai

The monk of Jurenji temple will lead a sitting meditation and mindfulness activity.

 Appi Secondary Beech forest has been selected as one of the 100 best places in Japan for forest bathing.  All of your senses will be engaged with the sun shining through the canopy, the sound of the breeze, and the warm earth under your feet

Homemade Cooking Workshop with Grandma Hitomi

Mrs. Hitomi Sato lives a life of self-sufficiency. Using ingredients such as fresh river fish, mountainside flora, and self-cultivated soba noodles, her cooking is overflowing with knowledge of the land itself.

If only for a little while, you can escape from the stresses of normal life and come to spend some time with Grandma Hitomi.

Hachimantai Harvest Cycling Course

Through cycling in the Hachimantai area, you can learn about the blessings of nature, the sophisticated agricultural techniques here and enjoy the local food. area.

Finally, enjoy a lunch of locally produced ingredients. In this 1-day plan you can enjoy the story of Hachimantai's rich nature and food while cycling around the area.

Morioka Historical Walking Tour

Nanshoso is a historic protected residence that is open to the public. The house has been preserved in top condition and has very interesting architecture.

Natayacho was once a prosperous city for shipping. The townhouses built in the Meiji era provide a nostalgic feel to the area.

Tono Yamaguchi Village Satoyama Cycle & Hike

Cycle around the beautiful country city of Tono, home of many of Tohoku areas folk tales

After this tour you will have a greater understanding about the folk tales and how they relate to the local lifestyle and practices in Tono.

Lunch will be a traditional style meal .

Southern Iwate Sightseeing Tour

Enjoy a return trip up and down the river of Geibikei Gorge, guided by a boatman.

Try a local delicacy called Hatto for lunch, and also sample some of the sake made at Sekinoichi brewery.

Visit the UNESCO listed Chusonji temple and Konjikido Temple in Hiraizumi area.

Calm after the Tsunami
Living together with the beautiful sea ~

Enjoy the beauty and scenery of the sea and forests while hiking through a town that coexists with the nature of the Sanriku Rias coast and the blessings the sea has to offer.

Through the storyteller experience, you can learn about the threat of natural disasters and the meaning of preparing for disasters.

Miyako Ocean Treasures Course

Learn about how scallops are farmed along the coast by taking a ride on a local fishermans boat.

Jodogahama Beach is one of the most famous places of scenic beauty on the Rikuchu Coast.

For lunch visit a local Italian styled restaurant and enjoy a meal using locally sourced ingredients.

Yamamo Miso, Oigen Ironware and Shoboji Temple Tour

Yamamo is located in the southern part of Akita Prefecture. Yamamo has been able to create fine miso and soy sauce.

After lunch visit the Oigen Ironware factory, famous for their original iron teapots and cooking ware.

Lastly, travel back in time a the Shoboji Temple, famous for its large thatched straw roof.

Kakunodate Samurai and Sake

Stroll along the walking trails beside the beautiful Dakigaeri Gorge. This walking track is beautiful in the green season, but spectacular in Autumn.

Take a tour through the sake brewery famous for the Hideyoshi brand sake in Akita.

Explore the former Samurai Residence district of Kakunodate.

Hirosaki Apple Lunch & Local Crafts Experience

Seibikan is a fascinating structure blending a Japanese-style first floor and a Western-style second floor.

Koginzashi” is one of Japan’s top 3 sashiko and is a design that stitches thread through hemp cloth.

Visit the BUNACO factory and learn how they mold beech wood to create bowls and accessories without creating waste.

Hirosaki Castle Town Cycling Tour

This tour is a cycling tour around the castle town of Hirosaki City. Enjoy traditional streetscapes such as hedges and bonsai in samurai residences and cedar trees in the temple district at the slow speed of cycling.

You also get to enjoy lunch at one of Hirosaki City’s famous restaurants.

Oirase Keiryu Walk and Towada Art Museum

The Michelin Green Guides recognizes the Oirase Keiryu streams beautiful scenery woven as one of the best sceneries of Japan’s northeastern Tohoku region

Finally, check out the amazing artwork in and around the Towada Museum of Modern Art.

Morioka Walking Tours

Take a stroll around some of Morioka City's famous landmarks with a local guide. Choose between either a morning or afternoon tour walking around the local area, or a night tour enjoying some local food and drinks.

Odate Local Farm Stay Experience

Travel to the country town of Odate, located in Akita prefecture from Morioka city by bus, and experience a night with a local family. Depending on the season there will be a variety of activities thay you can do with the local family.